For 20 years, New Frontiers has partnered with Caffe Ibis to bring you exceptional custom roasted organic and shade grown coffee.

The mission of Caffe Ibis is to be “unbeatable for quality and freshness, while supporting social and environmental responsibility.”

They respect and provide fair compensation for the people whose labor brings us our exceptional coffees.  They respect and safeguard the environment that provides the extraordinary growing conditions great coffee requires, and they utilize buying practices that support shade grown and organic coffee, a sustainable coffee future, and social and environmental responsibility. In addition, they respect us, and our customers, as partners in these endeavors.

Caffe Ibis uses only the top grades of 100 percent shade-grown Arabica beans, a superior variety of coffee grown only at higher elevations. Shade grown (in contrast to the “sun varieties” of coffee, where the canopy of trees are stripped away to try and produce greater yields) is the traditional and sustainable method of farming that uses little or no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Since the coffee beans mature more slowly in the shade, natural sugars increase and enhance the flavor of the coffee. These beans are purchased at a fair price from small family farmers.

They then roast the beans in the mountains of northern Utah, where the reduced air pressure and cool climate creates optimal conditions for custom slow roasting and full flavor development. After roasting, they air-cool the coffee beans. Most roasters “water quench” their coffee to add weight back, cut down on cooling time and labor, and to provide a fudge factor for sloppy roasting. The added water can affect cup quality and dramatically cut shelf life from 27 days down to six. For their decaffeinated varieties they use only kosher approved 99% caffeine-free Swiss Water Process because it is widely recognized as the best tasting and only method certified for organic coffee decaffeination.

We are honored to partner with Caffe Ibis, and together we are committed to providing you with the best coffee possible, while making sound environmental and social choices in coffee beans.