Our Vendor Partners

Carpenter Cattle Company is a Southern California family producing natural, good quality beef to naturally feed yours. With 3 generations involved in our operation, we are not a big corporation or factory farm, just a small family producing great beef. We don’t feed any grains or concentrate feeds, we feed what cattle were designed to eat, legumes and grasses. Our goal is to produce a product that is good for the cattle and good for the environment which in turn is good for your family. Because it is healthier for our animals to be in the pasture grazing we do not need to give any antibiotics and we do not give growth hormone implants. We believe our cattle should grow at their own rate the way nature intended. Providing a low stress environment and the right nutritionally balanced diet allows our cattle to be more productive, in turn producing a high quality animal.

Hormone Free – Steroid Free – Pasture Free – Grain Free Diet – Low Stress – Angus Bred

Garden of Life is fanatical about food.  They’re different that way. Whether they’re making a vitamin, or a probiotic, or a protein powder, they always start with real foods and these (foods) provide their formulas the power to be their best. They’re different that way, too. The synthetically created, chemical “breakthroughs” from huge commercial laboratories around the world are not for them. Let the other guys sell those “supplements.” No thanks.

Forbidden Fruit Orchards specializes in organic, off-season blueberries and other unusual fruits. The farm is located about 12mi. from the ocean in Pinot Noir country in northern Santa Barbara County. The soil is very sandy providing excellent drainage and the ability to grow a wide variety of crops. Owner and grower Sandra Newman is a horticulturist, educated at the University of Delaware, with a passion for growing high quality, fresh picked fruits.

Forbidden Fruit Orchard’s main crop is southern high bush organic blueberries. They grow three main varieties, each with a distinctive flavor. All of their blueberries are handpicked and packed, and shipped within a few days of picking so customers can enjoy the crisp, ripe, flavorful fruit. 

They also grow apples, currants, avocados, kiwis and wine grapes.

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