Las Palmalitas Ranch has been owned by one family for over 150 years. In 1868, the Thurmond family came from North Carolina to settle in the Carpinteria Valley, in what has become the heart of the California avocado growing region.

As successive generations of children married, the original ranch came to encompass the Upson, Peters and Carleton families as well. Sharron Carleton comes from this long line of family farmers. She, together with husband Will, son Billy and various relatives from the Carleton and Rodriguez families, runs the avocado operation

In 2002, Las Palmalitas became a certified organic farm and packing facility. Locally grown and biodynamically farmed in Carpinteria, Las Palmalitas produces Hass Avocados that are creamy and delicious!

We are thrilled to offer Las Palmalitas avocados!