Non-GMO Project

non GMO-artSafe, Healthy, Sustainable Food

  • We actively seek to avoid GMOs. As a Supporting Retail Member of the Non-GMO Project, we are committed to taking a leadership role in ensuring viable non-GMO alternatives into the future. While we do not claim to be GMO free, we are doing our best to move in that direction.
  • Stemming from our deep commitment to organics, New Frontiers owns and operate its own certified organic farm, and serves as a broker for several other small, independent organic farmers supplying fresh organic produce to our stores and others.
  • New Frontiers partners with the Non-GMO Project, supporting consumers’ right to choose food and products that do not contain GMOs.
  • Working together with the natural food industry, the Non-GMO Project created a standardized definition of non-GMO and a third-party verification program to assess product compliance with this standard. Participants are companies who see the value  of offering their customers a verified non-GMO choice. Buying products with the Non-GMO verification label provides further assurance that your food does not contain GMOs.

We pledge to be diligent and proactive in sourcing and labeling organic and Non-GMO products.

We embrace the opportunity to improve the quality of life in our communities and in our world. Together we can make a difference.non-GMO logos