Something to cluck about

At New Frontiers, we take pride in the chicken we sell. We feel it is the freshest, safest, and most flavorful chicken you can buy. Our Smart Chicken is air-chilled, unlike most other chickens sold in the U.S., which are chilled in water baths. In the process of being submerged in water, chickens absorb the water, which adds mass but does not add flavor. If anything, it dilutes the flavor.

Another concern about water cooling is that the “bath” becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, thus contributing to contamination and the spread of food borne diseases. Smart Chickens are raised in a free range environment by family farmers without the use of antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. They are certified humane raised and handled.

The company behind Smart Chicken is committed to environmental stewardship. Their facilities are surrounded by the farms where the grain to feed the chicken is grown,
which saves energy on grain-hauling. They’re located close to one of the world’s largest natural aquifers, so their water use, which is already reduced because of the air-chilling, has no adverse affect on area water resources.

The combination of environmental stewardship, humane treatment, and a safe product that has superior flavor makes Smart Chicken the premium value. Try it and find out why Smart Chicken is the best choice for you and your family.