Why Buy Organic

1. Protect future generations
Children’s immune systems are not as well equipped as adults to deal with the effects of pesticides in their bodies. The food choices that you make for your children today will benefit them throughout their lives!

2. Organic food tastes great

3. Organic production reduces health risks
Many EPA-approved pesticides were registered before research linked them to cancer and other diseases. Now, the EPA considers over half of all herbicides and fungicides as potentially cancer causing.

4. Organic farming prevents soil erosion
Buying organic helps to maintain soil cover for future generations of farmers.

5. Organic farms respect our water resources

6. Save energy
Organic farming is energy efficient, using labor-intensive practices and not relying on energy-gobbling synthetic fertilizers.

7. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature
Whenever you buy organic you’re showing your commitment to an agricultural system that keeps the health of the Earth in mind.

8. Promote Biodiversity
Conventional farming destroys the diversity in plant life, robbing the soil of many natural minerals and nutrients.

9. Help small farmers – keep rural communities healthy. Organic farming may be one of the few survival tactics left for the family farm and the rural community.

10. Support a true economy. Organic farmers do not, for the most part, receive the same level of governmental support in the form of farmsubsidies and research. More importantly, buying organic reduces the costs to future generations as a result of air, soil, and water pollution.

Click here to download a pdf of our Top Ten Reasons to Buy Organic informational brochure.