Stop in for our Meet Your Butcher event: October 11th – 17th!
Pick up a $5 off coupon to use on your meat purchase, available at our full-service counter – and make sure to enter the drawing to win a $50 New Frontiers gift card.

“We’re excited for the community to meet and speak with our new butcher, Jose Escobedo,”  – Dave Blanchard
Escobedo comes to the Valley from the Bristol Farms store in Beverly Hills. The 43-year-old has been cutting meat for 30 years, having started in his father’s meat shop in Mexico.
“It was a great training ground,” he said. Since then, Escobedo has been instrumental in setting up and managing meat departments throughout the Los Angeles area.
“The one constant at each of the locations has always been quality and freshness,” said Escobedo. “I’m excited to bring my years of experience, my skills and all my contacts on the supply end, and combine that with New Frontiers’ high quality-control standards of no hormones and antibiotics, no nitrites or nitrates, humanely-raised and sustainably-caught, to deliver a superior product for our customers.”
Regular shoppers of New Frontiers may have noticed a larger selection of USDA Prime beef lately in their full-service case.
“The way beef prices have been, the difference between Prime and Choice is only a couple bucks, so I decided that for now, at least, on the high-end steaks I’m stocking a lot more Prime. The customers in this area want that kind of quality, and many of them have told me they appreciate it. Of course, you can still get a complete selection of high-quality USDA Choice meats at value prices.”
Longtime Valley resident and former-New Frontiers employee, Amy Derryberry, noted, “I have been shopping this meat department since the store opened in the late ‘90s, and this is the best I have ever seen it. I’m excited to try more of these new offerings.”
Escobedo wants Santa Ynez Valley customers, whom he called “so, so, friendly,” to know that there is a renewed and increased emphasis on “freshness.”
“For instance, we make beef, pork, chicken and turkey sausages every day, but now we are making smaller batches more frequently. Same with the seafood – we get deliveries six days a week, so that everything is always really fresh.”
Escobedo is proud of the team he has assembled at New Frontiers.
“We don’t have any clerks working in the department,” he said. “We have three experienced professional butchers, and I have two apprentices who are learning fast, are enthusiastic, and very capable.”
He said, “Every one of us is here to serve. We can help with cooking tips, or if you want your meat cut in a particular way, or a particular thickness … whatever someone wants, let us know – we’re happy to serve.”